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Voted Best Travel Technology Provider at the ITM Ireland Business Travel Awards

We are delighted to have been named the Best Travel Technology Provider at the ITM Ireland Business Travel Awards for our new app Pocket VAT. Our app launched less than two months ago and its already winning awards. We believe this is because this is what the market has been waiting for.

Pocket VAT has been designed to calculate the potential VAT reclaim on a company’s business travel and expense. While showing the potential reclaimable VAT after travel, Pocket VAT will also provide useful tips and information on VAT rates and distance selling thresholds globally.

Our market leading Pocket VAT App helps to increase visibility while encouraging employees to become increasingly compliant with their company's travel policy, thereby increasing the overall VAT recovered by the company.

Why we Created Pocket VAT

We designed the app to empower our clients to find all the information they said was most important to them when on business travel. Employees no longer need to research complex and technical VAT rates and information before travelling – they now simply need to download Pocket VAT on to their phone, to keep up to date with changing VAT rates and regulations. Employees are often unaware of the potential VAT that is recoverable from their travel expenses. By simply entering their country of origin, destination country, expense type and receipt value, employees will see, one; whether that expense is recoverable in that specific country and two; exactly how much can be recovered by their company. This app thereby incentivises employees to keep compliant receipts. 

A Game Changer

There is no other VAT provider currently offering an application such as Pocket VAT. This App is truly innovative and showcases our ambition to offer our clients propriety software which bring the benefits of automated VAT solutions to our clients. In addition we do not charge for Pocket VAT, it is a free add on which delivers on our promise to continually strive to provide a world class VAT recovery solution.

The Future

This award is a recognition of our dedication to not waiting for our competitors to act, but to innovate. We constantly focus on looking for new ways to bring added value to our clients to improve their experiences and increase their return on investments.

Our aim is to deliver market leading technology to provide full visibility and seamless functionality. We actively work with our clients to continuously improve their actual VAT recovery year-on-year, transforming the VAT reclaim process into a business-enabling revenue driver. We learned from our clients that they wanted to calculate their potential VAT reclaim amount while on the go, 24/7. From this feedback, Pocket VAT was born.

We are dedicated to creating further innovative tools for our clients and as they continue to grow we will grow with them.

If you think Pocket VAT sounds good…it looks even better see how good it is for yourself by downloading from Google Play or the App Store now.


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